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Elevate your email security
with Cosmian.

Email is a fundamental tool that everyone relies on daily.

Cosmian now enables you to encrypt Gmail, leveraging Google's Client-Side Encryption (CSE) capabilities.

This technical achievement ensures encrypted email exchanges between Gmail users and non-Gmail users, maintaining confidentiality through S/MIME standards.

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Seamless user experience

  • Enjoy an uninterrupted workflow within your Gmail interface.
  • No need to switch environments to read or reply to encrypted emails, unlike other solutions on the market.
  • Simplified encryption process. Select the encrypted email option, and the system handles everything else automatically in the background.

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True interoperability

  • Transparent encryption across different email services.
  • Emails sent from Gmail to non-Gmail providers, remain encrypted and secure.
  • Built on the reactivated S/MIME standard, ensuring systems communicate securely and effectively.

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